Korean Romance

There is a glass house on Jeju Island

Inside the glass house is a restaurant called Mint

The restaurant has glass walls on all sides

Outside the glass wall is the sea with hazy mist

Connected to the sea is the legendary Peninsula where gods live on the mountains


To find this glass house

You have to find that little department store in the maze of parking lots

The girl in the department store will take you to the door to take a local map

The glass room is written in the middle of the map

This is a hand-drawn map

Guess and find the happiness door

Then I lost my way on the map

Fortunately, people need more than maps

The intuition of the moment

while walking

I found more and more people

Going the same way


Walk through the grass

Walk past a white horse with patches of earthy color

Walk past the red heart statute

Walk over huge rocks like a giant frog

Walk over a stone wall half-covered

The glass house stands on the promontory


Unexpectedly, Northern California's Mediterranean landscape

Delicious pasta makes people feel happy


Looking for romantic lovers

Foreigners looking for sea views

Found what they thought right here

Korean Romance