River Cruise Captain

River cruise through the jungle

The captain is wearing a white cowboy hat

His dark face is full of stories


The captain points left

A bit of water is looking back

Staring at me


The eyes of the mother crocodile

Float on the river

Silently watching


Along the river's edge

A few bumps

Morph into baby crocodiles

The length of a ruler

Now I see eight of them


Follow his pointing finger to the right

A dozen yellow wings on the shore

A group of butterflies sucking Minerals in the soil


His finger points at a tree trunk

At first I think they're mushrooms

They're bats sleeping under a limb


Floating quietly on the river

The captain scans the scene


Suddenly a hissing roar

The captain extends his arm up

A big tree across the river


A dozen howler monkeys

Swing from limb to limb

One after the other

Take the leap to another tree

Howling at us outsiders


In this unknown river

An indigenous captain

A quiet afternoon

River Cruise Captain