Sea Women

On the days when Shanghai has a high temperature of 100 degrees

Jeju Island is like a cool paradise

No wonder it's where the fairies live in the legends


The Three Treasures of Jeju Island: Wind, Stone, and Haenyeo

The wind comes and goes between the sea and the sky

The stone waits forever

Why Haenyeo

Why are they still digging in the sea

Every day

Until the end of life


Because they are a group of female partners who grew up together

Go into the sea and harvest together

Warm up around the campfire together


Because of the quiet sinking into the sea

Like returning to the mother's womb

A piece of blue

The sound of waves crashing Disappeared

Only gurgle, gurgle quietly


Because when she picked up the abalone in one go and looked up

She saw the round bamboo basket



After a sharp cry

Finally connected with the air


Take a big breath


Back and forth

Five hours of cold

In exchange for seafood that almost exceeds the weight of hers

Heavily filled with supplies for the life of the whole family


Such a group of different women

Hard but extremely happy

Sea Women