The Culture Inside

Yellow jacket

Purple satin pants

The tour guide Kevin nods slightly

Speaking Korean English


Takes us to see the Palace

He said the house is just a box

The culture that happened inside is more important


Take us to the design center

He said this is a combination of dream design and entertainment

The city and nature merge the modern and the future together

Take us to see the city logo - I SEOUL U

He said the front angle of the fountain is the best

Take us to Hanok Village to eat green cone purple ice cream

He said that between the alleys of the old tiles and stone walls

That’s the favorite spot for Korean romance movies

Take us to the Seoul Electric Tower to see the city panorama

He said we must go and see the love lock

In the sea of ​​red and pink locks

Can't help but buy one

Write a declaration of love

Locked ours among thousands of locks of love firmly on the pillars

I gave the key to the lockbox


A humble and philosophical tour guide

Sprinkle Korean romance on our hearts

The Culture Inside