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Travel Planning App

The best travel planning app.  Well, that all depends on what you want.

Best App - Easiest itinerary

If having the easiest way to make an itinerary is your thing, then Tripit is your travel planning app.  It is pretty nifty.  You can forward the email confirmations for your hotel and flights to Tripit and it automatically creates your itinerary.

The app puts everything together creating a master document for your trip.

Another nifty feature is that you can access the itinerary on your phone without an internet connection.

You can access Tripit here.

Best App - Group Travel Planning

Prava has all the features you would have forming a private group in Facebook:  form group, invite others to join, chat app, sharing photos, show your itinerary on a map, and share booking links.

It also has unique features like tracking shared expenses and location sharing while you're on the move. These can be really useful for groups who use them.

The app can also be used to build a beautiful travel itinerary.

Prava is the best choice for groups looking for these extra perks from their group travel planning app.

You can access Prava here.

How to get the best trip

Sure getting the best travel planning app for you is important.  Of course the real goal is to get the best trip.

I help people take free luxury trips.

Yes, you can get free luxury stays and even free air fare.

About KJ

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I went crazy for months learning everything about travel points.

Then the magic started to happen.

Travel changed us and our life.

About Zora

Triporama Zora

Our Grand Tour took things to another level, really changed my life.   The Tour also started a new art series for me.

The art is my heartfelt way to tell others about finding their best self.

I'll show you how easy it is to book these trips by yourself in just 3 steps.  You can do the first two steps now in less than five minutes.

Message me and I'll even help you find the best luxury hotel for your dream vacation spot.  I'd love to help you get your best trip.

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Most important

My whole thing is being my best self.  When I get away from the usual life to some amazing place it gets me into my best mood.

Jump away from our anxiety, stress, kind of boring every day life to something more exciting.  Maybe more relaxing even.

I used these free luxury vacations to create a whole new outlook for my family.  I'd love to help you.

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