Group Travel Planning

Group travel planning starts with having a way to:

CREATE a group trip home page and send invites

SHARE travel research easily with friends

DISCUSS places to go and experiences to share

MAP your itinerary


When we stop to think about it, we realize that Facebook does all of these things - yes they can map your itinerary too.  And the advantage of Facebook is that as we all know - most everyone already has an account.

Not only do they have an account - most people are often on Facebook - like every day.

If you really want to put together an itinerary by emailing your travel reservations to an app you can use Tripit.  And if your group all wants an app dedicated to group travel you can use Prava.

Otherwise a private Facebook group is a solid choice.


Of course there's more to a great trip than geeking out over an app.

Want a travel planning app to organize a group or create an itinerary?

Want free luxury travel.  Not a group?

Free Luxury Travel

Yes, you can take luxury vacation for nearly free.

Back when I was in school my wife and I had no budget for a vacation.  Our first trip with points was at an all inclusive resort in Mexico - free hotel and free flights.  We even took a 92 day world tour on points.  It changed our life.

Suncadia Resort
Suncadia Resort

Say you have a group that wants to go to Washington outside Seattle.  I help out by researching resorts and showing the group they can stay for free at the Suncadia Resort.  And it's an amazing spa and golf resort with mind blowing Summer activities.


I give them the simple steps with all the links to make it happen.

Take your breath away

For me it's all about being my best self.  Going to these amazing places and having these once in a lifetime experiences can get your mood completely turned around.

Stress at work or about life in general.  Anxiety, the pressures of the world.  Step out of all these things.  Take your mind to another place.

Oceanfront Studio Suite - One King Bed (plus sofa bed) - Balcony

Virginia Beach Hyatt House

Go through the process to take the luxury vacation because you can get yourself into your best self.  Make it a habit because you can make the new mood a forever thing.

Do this for yourself.  Do it for your family, friends - whatever group you can.  They can get their new self too.  And they will be so grateful for your help.

How to organize a group trip

Now say you have a family reunion, bachelor or bachelorette party, singles group, school group - the list is long.  Let's just say you have a group planning a trip.

A private Facebook group is a great first step.  Some groups may go beyond the starter app to something stronger, but Facebook does it for most groups.


Let me help you get a free luxury vacation.

Get Started

I'll help

  • set up the private Facebook group
  • find the best free luxury spots where you want to go.
  • help with the free air fare if you're flying
  • Give you the links to make it happen


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