Two friends far away

My friend from far away

You are in the world of bustling

I'm here living a simple life

We just grow like this

Eventually grow apart

Like the oranges from the same seeds

Those grown in the South

Look different

From those grown in the North

Yet, we still remember each other’s smiles in the old times


My friend from far away

We are like bees from the same beehive

Flying to different places

When we are reunited

Speak your heart without reservation

The more we are different

The more we shall listen

So, we can imagine what the other world is like


My friend from far away

Although we think about each other

We cannot beat the change of seasons

We cannot overcome the vast ocean in between

Lovesick tears

Flow slowly in my heart

Flooding away your voice

Melting away your smile

Blurring your look

Memory becomes more beautiful

But I can't find the way to you now

Two Friends From Afar